Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc

Striving to make a difference in our world

Group Overview

Perth Advocates for the Earth Inc is a group of like-minded Perth people, and our aim is to assist with improving the lives of animals and humans as well as working towards assisting in environmental improvements by advocating, informing and sharing resources with members of the public.

Our strong desire to make a difference is not unique; however we feel that our determination and drive is

We organise and conduct fundraising events while striving to raise the profile of various topics and provide information and resources to the general public. 

We are a not for profit organisation with all money raised at our fundraising events given to the specified recipient for each event we host.

Between January 2012 and now (2020) we have donated funds to organisations and individuals such as; Native Arc, Voiceless, Sea Shepherd, RTR fm, Kaarakin - Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre, Centre for Whale Research WA, Two Hands Project, Stop Live Exports, Barristers Animal Welfare Panel (BAWP), Winning artist from our Online Art Competition ($1,000), Save the Kimberley, The Climate Council, Cat Haven, WA Dingo Association, Project Numbat, the Orangutan Foundation International Australia, Tangaroa Blue, SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia), Philippines Disaster Fund, Greyhound Angels, Dogs Refuge Home (Shenton Park), Bethanie Village (Yanchep), Leighton De Barros fundraiser Dolphins, Whales and Other Tales, Fight for the Reef Fund, Conservation Council of WA, 100% Black (Cockatoos) at Jamarri, PCYC Streetball program and LifeLine.

We have been a member group of Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) since 2012 and feel they are the leading environmental group in WA.

We are very proud of our annual Tree Planting Projects since July 2012 and look forward to planting as long as we can into the future.

Our Philosophy and Objectives


To live as ethically as we can and project this philosophy in all our dealings and associations with other groups and individuals

To strive to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible

To be accountable and transparent

To engage openly with other groups, organisations and like-minded individuals and share resources and information with them



To educate and inform the public about animal welfare, human rights and environmental issues

To raise the profile of groups or organisations who may not be receiving adequate media or public attention

To raise funds for groups or organisations who we feel don’t receive any (or enough) government, corporate or public funding

To assist and become actively involved wherever we can at a grass roots level with petitioning, protesting and rallying