Black Cockatoo Release and Tracking Black Cockatoo Release and Tracking Wanted! Christine is a PhD student at the University of WA studying the movements of Carnabys Cockatoo on the Swan Coastal Plain. If you see any of these little guys please contact her at: OR 0409 087 631 Also, if you're interested in keeping up-to-date with their movements check out her blog: 157519144 Rick Dawson ~ senior investigator with DEC explaining about the release of the Cockatoos at Perry Lakes 157519145 Christine with an example of one of the painted feathers Christine is tracking the Cockatoos for her PhD at the University of WA Keep up-to-date with Christines research: 157519146 Newly released Black Cockatoos Settling into the trees at Perry Lakes 157519148 Black Cockatoo release at Perry Lakes Some of the Perth Advocates for the Earth members chatting to Leighton De Barros ~ Film maker, producer, director, writer and cinematographer. Winner of 10 Australian Awards and having been nominated for 4 Emmy Awards for Cinematography. 157519147 Wanted - Black Cockatoos released for Christine's study in 2013! Have you seen a black cockatoo with a weird coloured tail? Well, we can assure you that you haven?t been seeing things. Christine Groom is studying the movements of Carnaby?s cockatoo on the Swan Coastal Plain and has coloured the white panels of the tail feathers of her study birds. Please report any sightings to You can find out more about her project by visiting 175227950